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Without neglecting the religious works, the Union Wallonne is proud to be able to interpret a very large repertoire for 4 men voices: from the "famous" Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Schubert, (and its Lieder), to XXth century Negro Sprirituals but also Renaissance, romanticism and, very important, international folk songs (French, Russian, German, Irish, Italian, Slavonic, ....)

This new dynamisme led, in October 1997, to the production of a musical CD with choirs from the Union and folk song from Malmedy region. Took part to this new experience for the choral some of the most known natives from Malmedy and surrounding : Alain Gabriel, Denis Gabriel and Pascal Peiffer.

It is a fact that nowhere else, People has been so deeply tight to its ancestral traditions and to its folk-usage as in Malmedy.

Tradition is part of daily life in Malmedy from January 1st to December 31st and from birth to death.

The collection of musical folk is impressive, as well as from the quantity of folk-songs point of view as quality. The People from Malmedy will go from one moment in a year to another one with its music which will be, depending on the moment, religious, calm or exuberant.

The Union Wallonne, as a four men voices choral, organised twice, with the help of other mixed chorals, the Belgian Strauss symphonic orchestra and international solo-singers and solo-musicians, great extend musical events : Schubert's mass in Ut and an anthology of famous requiems from the repertoire of famous classical and modern authors.