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It is during spring 1847 that Arsène de Noüe, a youg jurist, historian by atavism, polemist by nature and .... music lover by inclination and his friend the abbot Jehin gathered about twenty persons from Malmedy and founded the fist know choral in the city ( in Wallonia and probably of all Belgium).

At the parish, a church choral was missing to raise the brightness of the religious ceremonies. The choral gathered for the fist time in 7th of May 1847 in the Capucin's chruch. Twenty six men from Malmedy's middle class, young men for most of them, answered to the two fellows' call. The you choral was called "Société de l'Union" and selected as motto : "Laudate Dominum in choro et organo".

The choral competed multiple times, such as the Brussels' one in 1867 and in Verviers in 1872. Let us mention also Néau in 1879, Aachen (1883), Verviers (1886) and finaly Kalk in 1893. It is at the last one that the society got for the first time an appreciable distinction.The choral was placed first in second division and was admited to the final where it got the Honnor Diploma

In 1947, the choral celebrated the 100th birthday of its foundation.

1960 will probably stay as one of the shock years in the Union's historydue to the election of M Jule Roche as president, role that he will assume till 1982, but also the designation as director, an international scale conductor, Willy Mommer.

During 1962, Wasserbillig consecrated the class and talent of the master and its singers : First Prize International Excellence A. The Royale Union Wallonne continues on its way with numerous concerts as well in Malmedy than in Belgium or abroad.

In 1997, the Union Wallonne celebrates its 150th birthday with all the required pomp. There are about 50 singers and the choral found in Denis Gabriel a new chorus leader -young and dynamic- who brought it back on the road to success.

Since the January 1st 2004 a new director, Michael Haas leads our choral with talent. M Denis Gabriel wishing to concentrate on its professional singer's career while staying musical advisor and occasionally solo singer for the choral.